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Still no luck with T2 DD and RD

subevil, Jul 14, 11 1:02 AM.
We have beat AP and CC and Deepstrike Mine T2 in record time.
Still no luck in random for DD and RD.
Infact we random DD yesterday only that server went down 20min into it and instances was reset when we got back in.

We are all set for raid contents, just need to work on that magic 200 focus/hit and recruiting more 50s into the guild!

Genesis completed Tier 2 AP within an hour!

subevil, Jul 11, 11 3:05 PM.
Yesterday we did random T1 and we completed it in about 30min

Today we random T2, first random was CC
We already know how to beat all the boss, so everything is really fast and we finish it in an hour time.
We then random T2 again, this time it's AP, our first time doing AP in expert mode, still we beat it in an hour!!

I must say Genesis is now ready for any T2, next up will be raid when we have the numbers!

Genesis completed Tier 2 Charmer’s Caldera Dungeon

subevil, Jul 9, 11 11:35 PM.
We just completed another Tier 2 Dungeon today..
All went smoothly until the last boss which took us hours to figure how to beat him..

Caelia fight need everyone to go range spread up against the wall, because this boss have AOE stun/dmg/knokeback. When boss summon adds just run to your tanker. When boss cast a frontal lightning attack which rotate clockwise, just hold your position, this can be heal through. Look out for the pink icon status that the boss will cast randomly on someone, which is a AOE dmg, make sure this is purged asap and the fight will go easy.

Genesis just won our first Tier 2 Dungeon Deepstrike Mines

subevil, Jul 5, 11 3:54 PM.
We finally tried our first T2 and won it together with some nice loots along the way.
There will definitely be more T2 coming our way now that we have won our first.
We took a little longer to get this completed, but this should take lesser time as we familiar ourself to the boss fight and improve our gears with the loots from T2.

Hurry up join Genesis so we can do more T2 premades!!

Genesis is now recruiting

subevil, Jul 4, 11 5:47 AM.
Help us recruit more players into the guild now!
We need more level 50 so we can do more Pvp and Dungeon premades.
But application is open to players of all level.
No problem if you are not 50, we will help you along the way to 50, gear you up and help you understand the game!

We already have players on rank 6 Pvp gears, and we are now working on Pve/Dungeon Tier 2 gears.
Genesis have full PvP and Dungeon guild perk which give you maximum Favors and Dungeon rewards!
Join us now!
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